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From transporting and distribution of Natural Gas to electrical generation... and more.


What we do


We are one of the principal distributers of Liquid Natural Gas in the Dominican Republic, including the development of various energy related projects based on natural gas and other clean energy sourcees.

We operate and maintain all of our installations ourselves, as well as developing and installing our telecommunication system which keeps the whole system unified, bringing aggregated value to the energy chain.

Our activities range from conceptual and feasibility studies to the delivery of the project put into service through the supply, design, construction and commissioning process, as well as the Operation and Maintenance of the planned facilities.

The areas of company activity cover the full range of Natural Gas product cycles:

Transporte de GNL

LNG Transport

The distribution of Natural Gas in Liquefied Natural Gas form, by means of tanker transport in cryogenic conditions (-161 ° C / -257.8 ° F).

Plantas satélite de regasificación

Regasification plants

Design, construction, operation and maintenance of Regasification Satellite Plants.

Estaciones de servicio de GNC

Service stations

Design, construction, operation, maintenance and commercialization of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) through Natural Gas Vehicle Service Stations.

Eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency

Design, construction, operation and maintenance of co-generation facilities, obtaining high energy yields of natural gas (over 70%) to produce Electric Power, Domestic Hot Water and Refrigeration for air conditioning.

Operación y Mantenimiento

Control and Monitoring

Platergroup is always at the forefront of information technology. All our facilities are monitored through remote management systems that allow the visualization and remote operation of the equipment, achieving optimum operation, minimizing unnecessary personnel movements and facilitating LNG transport logistics.

Distribución de Gas Natural

Other projects

Evaluation of other possible uses of Natural Gas that contribute efficiency and safety to industrial, hotel and residential processes, as well as focusing on the use of renewable energy sources by developing photovoltaic solar energy projects.

Some numbers



Natural Gas Distribution

We distribute over 1.3 TBtu of LNG per year (in the Dominican Republic and Haiti).


Industrial satellite plants

We have 8 fixed regasification satellite plants and 2 mobile plants.


LNG Transport

Our fleet consists of 7 cryogenic tankers for the transport of LNG.


CNG Service Stations

We are present in the market with 5 CNG service stations owned by our partners.


Energy efficiency

We have reached up to 20% savings on our customers invoices.


Operation and maintenance

We fully operate and maintain all of our facilities.



Regasification Satellite Plants

We go whereever our customers need us. Therefore, we have several Regasification Satellite Plants distributed throughout the territory of the Dominican Republic.


Deposit Volume 120 m3
Estimated Autonomy 3 dias
Atmospheric gasification 800 Nm3/h (29.6 MMBtu)
Aplicación Lime furnaces

The plant is located in an extraction quarry where the limestone rock is processed by calcining it in several furnaces fed by Natural Gas.


Deposit Volume 2x210 m3
Estimated Autonomy 2 days
Atmospheric gasification 5,100 Nm3/h (188.9 MMBtu)
Application Cast iron furnaces

The plant serves a multinational leader in the steel sector operating in the Dominican Republic. This company uses several furnaces for the rolling of steel from which derivative products such as rods, plates and wire are obtained.


Deposit Volume 2x30 m3 -Mobile-
Estimated Autonomy 3 days
Atmospheric gasification 1,000 Nm3/h (37.04 MMBtu) -Mobile-
Application Boilers / Cogeneration

The plant serves the boilers for the manufacture of plastic products. A cogeneration system is being installed, which will allow the boilers to be used less.


Deposit Volume 64 m3
Estimated Autonomy 17 days
Forced gasification 700 Nm3/h (25.9 MMBtu/h)
Application Power generation, Kitchens and Boilers.

The plant serves a tourist hotel in the Dominican Republic. Regasification is achieved through the exchange of temperature between LNG and water.


Deposit Volume 120 m3
Estimated Autonomy 3 days
Forced gasification 1,500 Nm3/h (55.6 MMBtu/h)
Atmospheric gasification 1,500 Nm3/h (55.6 MMBtu/h)
Application Co-generation, kitchens, backup boilers and absorption chiller.

This regasification plant is located in one of the tourist hotels in the Dominican Republic. It is a trigeneration service that provides electricity, hot water and cold water to service the hotel's needs.


Deposit Volume 60 mm3
Estimated Autonomy 10 days
Atmospheric gasification 700 Nm3/h (25.9 MMBtu/h)
Application Kitchens and Boliers

The plant provides service for the production of ACS and operation of kitchens of this tourist hotel located in the Dominican Republic.


Deposit Volume 64 m3
Estimated Autonomy 10 days
Forced gasification 350 Nm3/h (12.9 MMBtu/h)
Application CNG, kitchens and boilers.

The plant serves a large multinational food sector company, providing service for boilers, kitchens as well as an internal vehicular service station.

ASPHALTS (Mobile Plant)

Deposit Volume 45 m3
Forced gasification 1,700 Nm3/h (62.9 MMBtu/h)
Application Asphalt production

A mobile plant available on short notice and installable in remote locations for short/medium term projects.


Deposit Volume 30 mm3
Estimated Autonomy 4.5 days
Atmospheric gasification 600 Nm3/h (22.2 MMBtu/h)
Application CNG / VNG

There are three stations currently in operation in Santo Domingo (Dom.Rep.), with two more under construction.

CNG Service Stations

Would you like to know more about our associated service stations? Here are the main specifications.

E. S. Sigma
La Monumental

LNG Deposit Volume 30 m3
Regasification capacity 600 Nm3/h
CNG Storage Capacity 1,200 l
Vending points 2 double hose

This service station has 2 double hose dispensers and a vertical LNG storage tank of 30 m3 capacity, and the possibility of expansion with another tank.
It is located in the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

E. S. Sigma
Pedro Brand

LNG Deposit Volume 30 m3
Regasification capacity 600 Nm3/h
CNG Storage Capacity 1,200 l
Number of vending points 3 double hose

This service station has 3 double hose dispensers and a vertical LNG storage tank of 30 m3 capacity, and the possibility of expansion with another tank.
It is located on the Duarte Highway, the main entrance artery through the north of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

E. S. Sigma
Prolongación Av. 27 Febrero

LNG Deposit Volume 30 m3
Regasification capacity 600 Nm3/h
CNG Storage Capacity 1,200 l
Number of vending points 3 de doble manguera

This service station has 3 double hose dispensers and a vertical LNG storage tank of 30 m3 capacity, and the possibility of expansion with another tank.
It is located in the prolongation of the 'Avenida 27 de Febrero', one of the busiest roads in the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

E. S. Sigma
Av. 27 Febrero

LNG Deposit Volume 28.5 m3
Regasification capacity 600 Nm3/h
CNG Storage Capacity 1,200 l
Number of vending points 2 double hose

Currently under construction, it is estimated that it will open in February 2016.
It is located on 'Avenida 27 de Febrero', one of the main arteries of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

E. S. Esso Bell Corp.
San Vicente de Paúl

LNG Deposit Volume 30 m3
Regasification capacity 600 Nm3/h
CNG Storage Capacity 1,200 l
Number of vending points 2 double hose

Currently under construction, it is estimated that it will open in February 2016.
It is located on 'Avenida San Vicente de Paul', one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

Location of the Stations
in Santo Domingo


Providing electricity, heat and chilling from a single process.

Panoramic View

Vista panorámica

The trigeneration plants allow us to maximize the energy contained in the fuel. This great efficiency translates into sensible savings for the customer.
The mechanical energy from the motor shaft is used to move an electric power generator.
The heat of the exhaust gases is led, through a manifold, to an absorption chiller, which through a thermodynamic process produces ice cold water (7-10 ° C / 44.6 - 50F).
The heat generated in the engine block is used for the production of sanitary Hot Water, by means of a plate exchanger.
The heat generated in the intercooler of the engine is used for the gasification of the LNG in the Satellite Regasification Plant.

Central building and auxiliiary equipment

Edificio Central y Equipamiento Auxiliar

Maximum installed capacity:

Electric Power Production 3,500 kW
Sanitary Hot Water Production 2,400 kW
Ice Water Production (absorption chiller) 1,450 kW (413 TR)
Hot Water Production for Regasification 900 kW
Average energy efficiency of the installation: 72%

Engine Hall

Sala Motores

4 motor-generator groups using Natural Gas as energy source.
Each of the groups is able to deliver:

874 kW electric power.
651 kW of heat for production of hot water for sanitary use.
240 kW of heat for the regasification system in the Satellite Plant.
489 kW heat for cold water production for air conditioning.

Gas Collector

Colector Gases

Collectors and insulated pipes for thermal recovery.

Hot Water Colector

Colector ACS

Collectors and insulated pipes for the recovery system for hot water production.


We use the most advanced design tools in our projects.

Conceptual Design

Diseño conceptual

Conceptual Design of a Regasification Satellite Plant (RSP) for the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico.

Detalle RMS

Detalle ERM

A detail of a Regulatory and Measurement Station for a Regasification Satellite Plant for the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico.

Basic Design

Diseño Básico

Conceptual design for a Regasification Satellite Plant for industry in the Dominican Republic.

Get to know Platergroup


Platergroup is a pioneer in the Natural Gas sector in the Dominican Republic, and has positioned itself firmly in the efficient development of all types of energy solutions.

Our goal is the sustainable development of energy projects, achieving maximum efficiency and reducing the operating costs of our own and our customers' facilities.

The structure of the Platergroup group of companies is constituted with the objective of responding to the various sectors within the energy world, such as the LNG sector, renewable energies, engineering, promotion and project management, O & M, etc.

Company milestones


  • Platergas begins activity - We are the company that inaugurated the first LNG shipment at the AES terminal in Puerto Caucedo (Dominican Republic).
  • Begins the construction of the first SRP for the mining industry.


  • Starts implementation of projects.
  • First LNG offload at a SRP for the mining industry.
  • Construction of the first Cogeneration SRP for the hotel industry.
  • Construction of the first SRP for the metallurgical industry.
  • Starts the construction of a 3.4MW co-generation plant.


  • Consolidation of the distribution of Natural Gas.
  • Cogeneration plant commissioning.
  • First Mobile SRP Construction for the asphalt industry.
  • SRP Construction for food industry.


  • Installation of a mobile SRP in Haiti.
  • Start of exports to Haiti.
  • SRP construction and generator conversion for the hotel industry.
  • SRP construction and boiler conversion for the hotel industry.
  • Financial Group entry.


  • Energy diversification into renewable energy projects.
  • Enlargement of a plant from Cogeneration to Trigeneration with chiller Absorption.
  • Installation of a VNG system for the vehicle fleet in the food industry.
  • Construction of first public Vehicle Service Station.
  • Start of first renewable energy project with a 1.5MW solar park.


  • Putting into service the first renewable energy project, with a solar park of 1.5 MW.
  • Expansion of the VNG system for the food industry fleet.
  • Construction of a second public Vehicle Service Station.
  • Construction of a third public Vehicle Service Station.
  • Start of activities in Puerto Rico with 'Gas Natural Fenosa'.


  • Recognition of Platergas by AES Dominicana in commemoration of the dispatch of the LNG tanker number 25,000.
  • Construction of a second mobile plant for asphalt production.
  • Extension of a SRP in the metallurgical industry, from 210 to 420 m3 of LNG storage.
  • Construction of a SRP and implementation of a 1.5 MW generator in a power generation plant.


  • Beginning of 2016 - construction of a fourth Public Vehicle Service Station.
  • Beginning of 2016 - construction of a fifth Public Vehicle Service Station.

Corporate history

Platergroup was born from the vision of two young entrepreneurs as a company focused on the distribution of Natural Gas. It soon diversified to different energy projects and grew, allowing for the participation of financial groups that allow a greater reach and growth and giving the possibility of developing projects that demand more and more human and financial resources.

Efficiency and sustainability

Platergroup is a champion of energy efficiency and sustainability as tools to achieve a coherent use of energy, achieve energy savings for its customers and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The company offers its customers efficiency solutions based on their consumption and their needs while strongly advocating for the use of renewable energy.

International presence

Platergroup is present in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico thus positioning itself in several of the largest economies of the Caribbean while still expanding in the region.

This means that we are present in two of the largest economies in the Caribbean region.

Community and sponsorship

Platergroup is committed to the society in which it works, so it collaborates in various social and cultural projects.

Platergroup contributes to the success of Dominican cinema by producing movies like these:

El Teniente Amado
Oro y Polvo

Quality and Corporate Responsibility


We offer products and services with the highest levels of quality, requiring our suppliers and sub-contractors to comply with current quality and environmental standards, while also monitoring them to ensure said compliance. This approach allows us to constantly improve each and every one of our organizational processes on a daily basis.

Platergroup S.A. is involved in a constant process of innovation, modernization, and respect for the environment. We have implemented a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. Both systems have been certified by INTECO and IQNET.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001-2015 InteCo ISO 9001-2015 IQnet

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14001-2015 InteCo ISO 14001-2015 IQnet

Company Quality Policy

PLATERGROUP is a company that offers energy solutions that include the commercialization and transportation of Natural Gas, as well as the projection, installation, operation and maintenance of energy systems.

We are highly commited to:

  • Our clients: Meeting their needs by offering competitive products and services with the required levels of quality and efficiency.

  • Society and the authorities: Complying with applicable external and internal rules, laws, regulations and procedures.

We accomplish this by following and reviewing goals and objectives, commitment to continuous improvement and fostering a teamwork environment for the effectiveness of our system.

Corporate Responsibility Commitments

For Platergroup, corporate responsibility means contributing to the development of a country and its people through environmental and social policies focused on sustainability. It's about creating a winning situation for everyone. Because energy is in everything, because we believe that the development of countries and the welfare of societies depends on their access to energy, but access based on sustainable development so that the world of tomorrow is much better than today.

To build the company and society we want, Platergroup has made voluntary commitments in these areas:

1. Security first

In accord with our concern for people, in Platergroup we maintain a policy of zero accidents. That's why we design our projects with the safest execution, operation and maintenance possible for people, the environment and the facilities themselves. We follow policies of improvement and continuous training of our personnel to strengthen the culture of "zero risk".

2. Respect for people

Because ultimately, the most important resource are people, Platergroup believes in equal opportunities and mutual respect. Therefore, starting with our team, with our partners and partners, with our suppliers and contractors and finally with our clients, we respect the individuality, rights and needs of each and every one of them.

3. Ethics and transparency

Our commitment to clients, authorities and society is accompanied by a transparent behavior in all our activities. From the very foundation of its policy, Platergroup demands compliance with existing procedures and regulations, both internal and external, including strictly ethical behavior and transparency that gives confidence to society.

4. Sustainable energy

We have a high commitment to our customers and to society, which is why we always look for additional savings and energy efficiency in our projects. These savings and efficiency require a more sustainable use of energy and have repercussions on benefits for the environment, biodiversity and, ultimately, the world in which we all live.

5. Environment

We want to leave our mark on the world, a mark of respect for the environment, the biodiversity and the people who live in it. The best way to guarantee the future of the company and the world is not to mortgage our present. Therefore in our projects we always think about the environmental impact and we try to reduce it according to our commitment of sustainability.



Renewable energy

In the last 20 years, there has been a clear tendency for many governments to lower energy dependence on fossil fuels. Renewable energies are becoming more and more powerful, placing themselves at the forefront of technological innovation in companies and countries.

Solar energy

Energía solar

The energy that the sun gives us is everything. It gives us light, gives us heat, produces photosynthesis in plants... Today, solar photovoltaic energy is the most developed way to take advantage of solar energy, but can also be harnessed by solar thermal energy.

Eolic energy

Energía eólica

China, the United States, Germany, Spain have all invested heavily in wind energy in recent years. Another source of renewable energy that has much to do with the sun, wind energy is not only beneficial to the environment but is the engine of the economy.

Hydro energy

Energía hidráulica

It is the most energy-efficient renewable energy. It is a clean energy that can be transformed to very different scales through, for example, mini hydroelectric plants.

Responsible citizens

We are a company committed to the environment, but we are aware that respecting the environment, biodiversity and the people who live in it is not a job for a few but instead a responsibility of everyone. That's why we propose certain actions for being a 'Responsible Citizen'.

Water for everybody

Agua para todos

Turning off the tap while we do not use it when brushing our teeth or scrubbing dishes, fixing a dripping faucet or showering instead of bathing are simple gestures that help save water. Also companies and administrations can do a lot. Do not wait for shortages to save. It's up to you to make sure there's no shortage of water for anyone.

LNG powered vehicles

Vehículos a Gas Natural

Natural Gas is increasingly becoming an alternative to classic liquid fuels. It is clean and cheap and numerous cities have an increasing number of service stations where compressed natural gas (CNG) is offered.

Save on air conditioning

Ahorrar en aire acondicionado

We all like to feel fresh at home and at work but it is not necessary to put the air "on max" and then have wear sweaters. We can lower the thermostat a little so that there is a reasonable balance between comfort and electric expense. Although at times somewhat subjective, the recommended comfort temperature is usually estimated at around 21 ° C. Regulate the thermostat of your air at this temperature and you will see how you save.

The energy of tomorrow

There is no doubt that the world needs energy to function. Good management of current energy systems, the use of new technologies and the efficient and sustainable use of the planet's resources will ensure the energy of the future.

Smart buildings

Edificios inteligentes

With the correct use of modern building materials and new technologies (internet, cell phones and tablets), we are achieving increasingly energy-efficient buildings. With a good design you can achieve energy savings up to 50%.

Benefits of recycling

Beneficios del reciclaje

Recycling may seem like a nuisance but it brings numerous benefits to the environment and to ourselves. At the same time that recycling reduces the dumping of waste into the environment, it is used as raw material to manufacture many new things. In other words, we benefit twice... But, what is made with what we recycle Look here.

Smart City

Smart City

The "smart city", sometimes also called "efficient city" or "super-efficient city", refers to a type of urban development based on sustainability that is able to respond adequately to the basic needs of institutions, enterprises, and the inhabitants themselves, both economically, as well as in operational, social and environmental aspects.

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